What sort of personality are you?

We know that education and studying changes how people think. Learning not only gives you knew knowledge and skills; it also enhances the knowledge and skills you already have…the ones that make you the person you are.

Personality questionnaires are a good way of helping you understand yourself and what makes you tick and what just leaves you feeling bored or frustrated? This personality questionnaire is based on the famous Myers Briggs (r) ‘personality types’ and is surprisingly accurate: take the test here https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

Once we have an idea what type of personality we are, we can help ourselves by putting in place strategies that help us enjoy the good things in life, but also help us deal with the things in life…and our work that we find challenging.

Knowing our personality can help us tell employers that we have the skills that they will be looking for by using descriptions of ourselves such as ‘being organised’, ‘creative’, ‘determined’, ‘dedicated’, and you can use these descriptions to your personal statement.