Preparing Students for the Future

What career skills will job seekers of the future need to master?

The workplace of the future will not only require job-specific skills, but will require strong competence in other areas, including:


Because the world of work is changing, job seekers have to change with it. They’ll have to learn new skills, fill different roles, and switch jobs throughout their careers. The ability to pivot may give certain workers an edge as they are better able to take advantage of opportunities.

Life-long learning.

Because of the changing nature of work, the skills workers begin their careers with won’t serve them until retirement. And according to researchers, today’s students can expect to have more years in the workplace than previous generations.

21st century skills.

Problem solving. Critical thinking. Emotional self-regulation. These are all soft skills that help workers survive and thrive in the workplace. By giving learners a foundation in these transferable skills — skills that are portable from industry to industry — workers will be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities in emerging careers.