4 Tips To Help You Pick Your Short Course

Here are 4 tips to help you pick your short course.

1. Identify your key strengths          

Taking a short course takes time and money, and to be able to fully commit you have to take interest in the subject.

Here are some things that you may want to consider:

Is this course for professional or personal reasons?

What do I want to achieve? Confidence? Career change? Meet new people?

Is this a personal enjoyment factors? Gain, explore, engage?

2. Thoroughly read the course content & method of delivery

Our short courses are delivered online for time being due to COVID-19 restrictions. When looking at courses that you are interested in, always check the method of delivery:

Is it classroom-based? If so, when do these classes take place, evening, weekend, during the week?

Is it delivered through blended learning? What is the attendance requirements and how are you assessed?

If the courses are delivered online, do you have basic IT skills and regular access to a computer and internet?

3. Review the entry requirements

Have a look at the entry requirements to see if you are eligible for the course. Don’t be disheartened if you are not eligible, talk to the course administrator and see if there is any course you can do prior to the chosen part-time course. Get in touch today.

4. Take Action!

Talk to your Line Manager or a work colleague

As the race for talent accelerates in industry today, talk to your line manager and discuss how the course which interests you meets with the professional development requirements of your role or any future roles that may arise in the company. It may also be an opportunity to seek support, either financial or otherwise, to support you in your studies.