“I Am Finally Adobe Photoshop Certified!”

When I started my degree in Photography, I was freelancing part-time on weekends at small events taking pictures for small parties and so on. This was a time in my life where I wanted to motivate myself and learn about my career path.

I wanted to find more clients and so I looked into the competition at the time, this is when I came across the School of Professional Studies’ short courses. I undertook their Adobe Photoshop Masterclass which worked well with my busy schedule and completed the course over 2 days.

I had not used Photoshop in-depth and so I was starting at a beginners level with already knowing some basics. My goal was to complete the course, take on any tasks that I was given and ask as many questions that I had. Although I was only interested in the editing segment of the course, I now hold a certificate in my name which opens my path to more opportunities.

I was taught the masterclass online which was great as I could be flexible with my surroundings. I also got in touch with other students which helped me connect with the creative market. We shared tips, helpful websites and relatable content such as galleries that we commonly enjoy.

This experience has widened my knowledge and deepen my thoughts and approach on my career paths. It has strengthened my confidence and awakened my hidden talents.