Adobe Indesign Masterclass

This course is for editorial designers, who are interested in creating books, magazines, pamphlets and more, in Adobe InDesign.


Adobe InDesign is a software dedicated to creating books, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, and more! The tools available allow for complex designs and settings, ensuring that the best the quality standard is achievable when producing digital or printed content.

In this course, you will learn the essentials for getting yourself prepared to work in InDesign and being able to identify problems and come up with solutions with the tools and settings are available to you.

You will be able to:
• Get an understanding of InDesign from the ground-up, to be confident and efficient with the tools available.
• Be able to design and create documents for exporting to digital/print.
• Create consistency with styles.
• Work with managing pages to suit your project (pamphlet, magazine, etc).
• Identify and troubleshoot issues to ensure a high-quality standard.

Why study InDesign with us?

In our InDesign Masterclass, we will teach you how to use Adobe InDesign efficiently and with ease. Adobe InDesign is the perfect software to use for any creative professional for a large variety of digital and printed material. You will be able to use InDesign to create:
• Leaflets and brochures
• Web banners
• Comics, newspapers, magazines, books
• Resumes, corporate reports
• E-mail marketing, eBooks

It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create documents containing not only text but also vector artwork or any type of image. The benefit of Adobe Indesign is the capability to export a multipage document in one single file and the capacity to export to many different file types like pdf, jpg, XML, Fla.

What will I gain from the course?

The ability to create full multipage documents from start to finish with ease. You will know how to make high quality promotional materials both for digital or physical publication. After taking this Adobe InDesign Masterclass you will have a good understanding of the InDesign interface and its functions and you will be able to utilise it in a professional environment with confidence and expertise.


  • Day 1:
    • Opening, creating and exploring the InDesign interface for the first time.
    • Placing and managing image files.
    • Early problem solutions, such as scaling, linking and adjusting resolution.
    • Text box basics (Character and Paragraph options).
    •  Page management (Inserting, Parenting and Adjusting).
    • Layout design with the use of creative tools, such as shapes and colour.
  • Day 2:
    • Giving assets stylistic flair, by using Blending Mode and Effects.
    • Preparing and exporting a project.
    • Advanced Text and Paragraph features.
    • How to mask assets and use layers for creative purposes.
    • Wrapping up Styles and using the Next feature.
    • Creating a Contents Page for your document.

For A More Detailed Module Description Please Find The Course Syllabus Down Below.

This course is currently only available online in instructor-led format. Classes will take place via GoTo Webinar and Microsoft Teams. For more information please contact us.


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Please consider that we are currently not offering in-class lessons due to Covid restrictions.


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1-5 days


Course Material
Case Study
Experienced Lecturer

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Adobe InDesign Masterclass has been developed to explore the different design interfaces for the first time. Students will be provided with a detailed explanation of how to manage and master Adobe InDesign. Throughout day 1 pupils will be provided with a detailed understanding of the different attributes to creating, managing, and overcoming problems through InDesign. You will understand the different ways of managing the pages and layout of the software.

On day 2 students will be given an extensive explanation of the different features of the software by having the chance to understand how projects are created and developed. This will allow you to start creating your own content and using all the different features explained and provided throughout the lessons.

For more information regarding the full syllabus, enquire now 

This Adobe InDesign Masterclass course is available to anybody who wants to expand their grasp of InDesign and produce layouts for the web or print.

This Course might be beneficial for the following occupations:

Marketing Assistants & Managers
Executives in Digital Marketing or Managers in Digital Marketing
Executives in charge of brands or brand managers
Designers of graphics
Professionals with Creativity

Course Material
Case Study
Experienced Lecturer

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