Adobe Illustrator Masterclass

This course is available for all designers, looking to learn and create illustrative content for online or print, in Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe Illustrator is a software that is designed for the creation of high-quality illustrative content for print and digital distribution. You can create an assortment of graphic design content, such as posters, book covers, typography, art assets, and more. Illustrator's tools allow for an easy and streamlined way of ensuring your ideas are easily transferred across.

In this course, you will learn the essentials for getting yourself prepared to work in Illustrator and being able to identify problems and come up with solutions with the tools and settings are available to you.

Throughout this course you will:
• Get an understanding of Illustrator from the ground up, to be confident and efficient with the tools available.
• Be able to create graphic designs, such as logos and icons.
• Keep colours and gradients consistent through projects, with swatches.
• Add effects to assets for visual flair.
• Export projects in a variety of different formats, for print or digital-based circumstances.
• Identify and troubleshoot issues to ensure a high-quality standard.

Why study Adobe Illustrator with us?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the more commonly used pieces of software by engineers, artists, graphic designers and marketing professionals. It is one of the best software to create visual assets, design logos and flyers, make online content and much more.

This course will teach you about the various aspects of Illustrator, like:
• Working with gradients
• Creating infographics
• Creating social media graphics
• Designing logos
• Creating artboards
• Layering images

Our Adobe Illustrator Master class is suitable for everyone, whether you have been using graphic design software before or have never even heard of Illustrator before today. And because Illustrator uses vector images rather than raster images, you can scale your creations as big as you want, without them losing their resolution. Which makes it perfect for use in advertising, marketing or graphic design.

What will I gain from this course?

A significant increase in your Adobe Illustrator knowledge and skills. Confidently utilise Illustrator in a professional working environment and create or edit high quality images. Use Adobe Illustrator with ease and work with its user-interface proficiently. Develop your ideas from scratch and be able to turn them into a high-quality finished product.


  • Day 1:
    • Opening and creating a document in Illustrator. 
    • Introducing the Layer system.
    • Using Pen tools to create shapes.
    • Creating various shapes. 
  • Day 2:
    • Creating text with the Type tool and applying it to shapes.
    • Using the Pathfinder/Shape Mode tools, to edit shapes together.
    • Aligning assets (Shapes, Text and more).
    • Creating Artboards.
    • Introducing Swatches and applying Gradients. 
    • Giving an overview of Effects.
    • Stylise effects for text and other assets.
    • Creating a hypothetical logo with shapes and text.
    • Exporting our project, through a variety of settings and formats.

For A More Detailed Module Description Please Find The Course Syllabus Down Below.

This course is currently only available online in instructor-led format. Classes will take place via GoTo Webinar and Microsoft Teams. For more information please contact us.


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Please consider that we are currently not offering in-class lessons due to Covid restrictions.


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1- 5 days


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Experienced Lecturer

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Adobe Illustrator Masterclass has been developed to provide a great understanding no matter what prior knowledge is obtained. This masterclass provides information on how to open and create content/documents in Illustrator.
This masterclass will go through introducing layers, creating shapes, using the pen tool, creating different shapes, and applying different types of tools and text. Each aspect of this software will be explained in detail in order for you to learn how to navigate around each level.

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This Course might be beneficial in the following occupations:

Marketing Assistants & Managers
Executives in Digital Marketing or Managers in Digital Marketing
Executives in charge of brands or brand managers
Editors of photographs
Photographers and creators of graphics

Course Material
Case Study
Experienced Lecturer

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