Adobe Photoshop Masterclass

This course is open to all designers, photographers and marketers looking to gain knowledge and skill in Adobe Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop is arguably Adobe's most well-known software, giving you an assortment of industry-standard tools for your work. It is widely and mostly used for image editing purposes, but it can do so much more. You can edit, adjust and create designs, adjust lighting, add and remove backgrounds in photographs and posters for print or digital use.
In this course, you will learn the essentials for getting yourself prepared to work in Photoshop and being able to identify problems and come up with solutions with the tools and settings are available to you.
• Get an understanding of Photo from the ground and up, to be confident and efficient with the tools available
• Export projects into different formats and how to adjust quality.
• Identify and troubleshoot solutions for your projects, by taking what you have learnt and applying it to your own experience.
• Use existing images, to adjust, edit and distribute online or for print.
• Mask and edit areas of an asset/image with selection tools, for creative and practical purposes.
• Create visual flair with blending modes/options and layer styles.

Why study Adobe Photoshop with us?

Adobe Photoshop is mostly used by creative professionals like:
• Photography editors
• Web developers/web design
• Graphic artists
• Advertising professionals
• Video game developers
• Marketeers

However this Adobe Photoshop Masterclass course is available to everyone who wants to increase their grasp of Photoshop, whether you are a creative professional, a starting designer or someone who just wants to make art for fun.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner, or you want to polish your Photoshop skills to use them for marketing, graphics, picture editing, and other purposes, this course would be perfect for you. Adobe Photoshop is so versatile, that improving your holiday pictures, creating works of art or designing professional images for advertising or promotion can all be done by it.

What will I gain from this course?

Students will gain a better knowledge of what Adobe Photoshop is all about and what its many possible uses can be. You will also increase your skills significantly when it comes to editing photographs, working with lighting, blend modes, web design and much more. After taking this course you can confidently add Adobe Photoshop as a skill to your cv and use it in any professional environment that requires you to use it.


  • Day 1
    • Opening Photoshop for the first time. 
    • Exploring document presets and creating your own. 
    • Understanding Layers. 
    • Using and comparing selection tools.
    • Introducing masked layers.
    • Using the brush tool to draw.
    • Creating shapes.
    • Creating text with different Type tools. 
    • Exporting a file.
  • Day 2
    • Using Adjustment Layers.
    • Experimenting with the Filter Gallery.
    • Creating and Using Artboards.
    • Using Camera Raw to edit photos and RAW file types.
    • Applying Content-Aware Fill to remove aspects of an image.
    • Using Blending Modes and Options.
    • Generating Layer Styles.
    • Storing assets into Adobe Library.
    • Creating a hypothetical festival poster.
    • Using information gathered to create templates for social media.
    • Creating a hypothetical movie poster.

For A More Detailed Module Description Please Find The Course Syllabus Down Below.

This course is currently only available online in instructor-led format. Classes will take place via GoTo Webinar and Microsoft Teams. For more information please contact us.


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Please consider that we are currently not offering in-class lessons due to Covid restrictions.


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1-5 days


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Adobe Photoshop Masterclass has been developed to provide the understanding and knowledge needed to navigate around the software efficiently. Throughout this course, you will be provided with detail regarding each tool and layer used to create specific content/designs on Photoshop. Students will be introduced to layers and use brush tools to draw. Artboards will be explained in detail with raw photos used to explain how editing works. Designs such as posters will be developed throughout the classes to provide students with a well-developed understanding of how to use the software to create posters and other designs.

For more information regarding the full syllabus, enquire now 

This Adobe Photoshop Masterclass course is available to everyone who wants to increase their grasp of Photoshop, including those who want to use it for marketing, graphics, picture editing, and other purposes.

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