Agile Project Management Practitioner (AgilePM®) Course

Our Agile Project Management courses are designed to meet the demands of people who operate in a project-focused workplace and wish to be Agile. The Agile course provides a project management strategy that complements PRINCE2.


This training is an intensive programme for the AgilePM® Practitioner certification. This course is designed for people who want to improve on their past Agile knowledge and successfully incorporate these concepts into their projects and everyday routines

Why should I complete the Agile Project Management Practitioner (AgilePM®) Course ?

This course is appropriate for anybody who wants to learn and be certified in the fundamentals of Agile techniques. Applicants to the training might range from newcomers to the field to highly seasoned project managers.

What will you gain from this course?

The benefits of project management are that it reduces the likelihood of a project failing. Boost client satisfaction. Plans that are well-organized save time and money. Possibilities to broaden your offerings. Thereby, from this course, you will establish your skills and knowledge in regards to Agile to better your performance in your position or ideal job.


The Agile Practitioner course has been developed to intensively explore roles from a project managers perspective. This course is divided into 3 days to prepare students for the Agile exam. Day 1 will consist of exploring the roles and responsibilities from a project managers perspective. students will also go through the style and format of the exam during day 1. Throughout day 2, students will go take a tailored approach towards 4 case studies and understand these concepts towards their exams. Finally, as a bonus lesson, day 4 will give students an insight into PRINCE2. This process will then be tailored towards Agile to focus on blending them both. 

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Entry Requirements

This Agile Project Management Practitioner course is designed for anybody interested in learning more about Agile Project Management Methodologies and becoming a certified Agile Project Manager. Applicants to the training might range from newcomers to the field to highly seasoned project managers.

You must have passed the Agile Foundation test before taking the AgilePM Practitioner exam. Alternate Foundation or Advanced Practitioner credentials from the DSDM are also suitable replacements. There are no prerequisites for the PM Foundation.

How to Apply

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This course is currently only available online in instructor-led format. Classes will take place via GoTo Webinar and Microsoft Teams. For more information please contact us.


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3 days


Course Material
Case Study
Experienced Lecturer

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The Agile practitioner is an intensive course where students will explore the different aspects and content of Agile project management. The roles and responsibilities will provide students will an understanding of the different perspectives while implementing 4 different case studies.

People, teams, and interactions will be explored and developed in understanding the requirements in becoming a project manager. These approaches will be used to develop an understanding of how to complete the exam.

The exam format will be explored with practice questions and case studies throughout the course to expensively explore the different levels and approaches.
As a bonus lesson, students will be introduced to PRINCE 2 by highlighting its themes and processes. The blend between Agile and Prince will be explored and demonstrated to tailor the PRINCE 2 process to Agile.

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This course is designed for people who are already familiar with Agile
Project Management.

Course Material
Case Study
Experienced Lecturer

Teaching and training will be provided at the UK School of Professional Studies. Exams are provided by exam boards.

Our Agile Project Management course is accredited by APMG.

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