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English Speaking, Reading & Writing.

Want to improve your English? Join SPS to benefit from our general English courses available for everyone. You can join our classes to experience a great way of learning English and experience the British culture. The general English course provides you with greater knowledge of both communication and vocabulary. Practicing is important, and with our modules, you will have access to various resources that will contribute to your knowledge of British history and culture. At SPS classes usually take place on weekdays. Join us now to learn and enhance your English quickly!

Why Learn English?

Learning English could sometimes be hard for some, however with consistency and dedication everything can be done. Indeed, there are many reasons why people choose to learn English at SPS at different levels. These reasons consist of entering university, progressing your career, and improving your level of English. Here at SPS, we are here to help you learn and pass all your English exams. SPS’s dedicated English teachers are here to help you achieve your goals and reach the perfect outcome. Whether it’s passing your IELTS, Cambridge exams, or Linguaskill, SPS is here to support you right through your journey in learning English fast.

How SPS teach English:

Here at SPS, we believe that our lessons must be carefully planned and dynamic to give you the best experience possible.

Each one of our English teachers is fully qualified and experienced in engaging with students of all forms.

We aim to create a warm environment for all our students and hope their experience at SPS is remembered.

Engaging with students is crucial as it enables our students to improve their English and speaking. Through continuous tests throughout the course, homework, and tutorials SPS has achieved exceptional results throughout the years.

Assessments throughout the terms help teachers understand whether you are ready to move onto the next level, we monitor each stage of each student’s progress and make sure each student is given the support needed.

Who is this course for?

We provide a comprehensive choice of practice and learning tools to assist you to prepare for Linguaskill, whether you need to show your English language level for graduation, study, work, or to assess development.

What are the benefits of the course?

  • Linguaskill Business uses business-specific terminology.
  • Linguaskill is an adaptive language exam, and as such, it allows firms to assess individuals with language competency ranging from A1 to C1+ level with a single test.
  • Linguaskill is an on-demand exam, so sessions may be made on the fly seven days a week.
  • There is the option of testing either one desired skill or combining numerous modules.
  • With Linguaskill Business, your exam results will be accessible immediately for listening and reading courses, and within 48 hours for writing and speaking modules.

With our schedule you can book the most flexible hours for you!

Levels: Beginner – Advanced


15 English lessons: (5 lessons per week)
Morning, Afternoon, Full Time


21 English lessons: (7 lessons per week)
Morning, Afternoon, Full Time


24 English lessons: (8 lessons per week)
Morning, Afternoon, Full Time

Our classes are run from

Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm Saturday 10am to 12pm

Each individual lesson (2 hours) is £50.

Monday – Friday

2 hours per week

4 hours per week

6 hours per week

8 hours per week

10 hours per week

12 hours per week

2 weeks£75£140£195£240£275£300
4 weeks£142.50£266£370.50£456£522.50£570
6 weeks£202.50£378£526.50£648£742.50£810
8 weeks£255£476£663£816£935£1020
12 weeks£360£672£936£1152£1320£1440
24 weeks£630£1176£1638£2016£2310£2520

To enroll please provide the following information & one of our consultants will contact you.

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