Live with a London Family

Homestay - Live with a London family

Stay with a family while studying in London

We have our own carefully chosen network of warm, loving families who look after our students at SPS. The school manages this form of housing, and we receive frequent input from students staying with London host families to ensure you’re having a good time. Many of our host families have been with us for many years, and students frequently communicate with them. At SPS we ensure that our students have the best experience when studying and support their stay throughout.

What to expect from a homestay

Living with a homestay family allows students to experience British culture and way of life in a real London family home. You'll also enjoy all the conveniences of home, such as Wi-Fi, TV, and a comfortable area to rest.

All of our homestay alternatives are conveniently accessible to school, either within walking distance or a few minutes away by bus or metro. This is the most economical way to live in London, with minimal transportation costs and some meals provided.

We are here to find the best accommodation for you!

Because everyone is unique, we provide a variety of accommodations to meet your requirements and interests. We provide free advice to assist you in deciding where and how you wish to live in London while studying.

If you are a student looking for a home stay please contact us

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