key stage 2 tuition

Age: 7-11 (Year: 3-6)

The transition from Key Stage 1 to 2 is sometimes a hard experience for some children. They must have the educational support fit for them. Demands and pressure on children start to increase as they navigate their way through different stages in education.

Our tutors can help children adapt to secondary school by providing support and knowledge around Key Stage 2 and above – helping to build their confidence, boost attainment and provide a solid foundation for their future studies as well as year 6 SATs

Your child will take national tests in May when they reach the end of Key Stage 2. These are known as the year 6 SATs. These test your child’s skills in:

  • English reading
  • English grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Maths

These exams will test your child’s knowledge of what they have learned throughout Key Stage 2 to prepare them for Key Stage 3.

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