key stage 3 tuition

Age: 11-14 (Years:7-9)

Moving to secondary school may be an intimidating and stressful experience for some students since this is when they begin to go more further into studying each topic. As students go through Key Stage 3-4 study, the demands and pressures on them begin to increase.

Our tutors can help your child adapt to secondary school by providing support and knowledge around Key Stage 3 - 4 subjects – Helping to build their confidence, increase achievement and provide a solid basis for their GCSEs beginning in Year 10.

Along with ensuring that the course structure is delivered in a way that the kid understands, the confidence that our instructors will instill will increase the enjoyment of secondary school even more.

A tutor who works with your child throughout the first two years of secondary school may make a significant difference in their preparation for GCSEs and beyond. At SPS we offer support to your children through all these stages to ensure they reach their highest potential.

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