key stage 4 tuition

Age: 14-16 (Year 10 - 11)

Key Stage 4 students improve on their knowledge from Key Stage 3. Pupils satisfy the statutory curriculum requirements through required areas of learning and elective courses that lead to general and/or applied certifications.

Our tutors can help children adapt to secondary school by providing support and knowledge around Key Stage 4 subjects – helping to build their confidence, boost attainment and provide a solid foundation for their GCSEs starting in Year 10.

Tutors at SPS will ensure that our students have a well-established understanding of what will take part in Key Stage 4. Each student will be tested regularly to make sure that they are covering all areas needed in preparation for their GCSEs.

Key Stage 4 is an important stage for your children. If your child is preparing for their GCSE contact our Educational consultants to establish what support they need.

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