key stage 1 tuition

Age : 5-7 (Year 1 & 2)

 SATs are completed by children in year 2 when Key Stage 1 ends. The scores of their first SATs reflect where your child's knowledge stands in comparison to the national average. This may be a terrifying moment for your child, but at SPS, we make it entertaining and effective. 

Consider Key Stage 1 SATs to be an evaluation rather than a test. They are not intended to be passed or failed, and they are used to determine what level your child has reached rather than whether or not they fulfill the test's requirements. It's another approach to emphasize where your child is succeeding and where they may want further assistance.

As well as ensuring that the framework of the course is communicated in a way that is understood by the pupil, the confidence which our tutors will encourage will heighten the enjoyment of secondary school even further

A tutor supporting your child in the first couple of years of primary school can make an enormous contribution to preparing for their GCSEs and beyond.

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