A great option if you want the home comforts of a real house

shared student house

Bringing people together with shared housing

This is a perfect alternative if you want the home amenities of a genuine house but also the social aspect of being surrounded by other students with whom you can explore London. A student shared house provides you with greater flexibility, control, and independence than hotels or homestay choices since you may come and go whenever you want and have access to a fully-equipped kitchen anytime you want. The houses are well kept and have a welcoming environment.

You may choose a single, double, or twin room, some of which include an en-suite bathroom, all at affordable London hotel rates. The property includes unlimited high-speed internet, all utility bills are included in the rental, bedding and towels are given, and the common spaces, kitchen, and bathrooms are cleaned once a week

Benefits of a shared student house:

The advantage of having your flat is that it is significantly less expensive. As you're just paying for a single room rather than a whole house. House shares are ideal for people on a restricted budget since they provide all of the benefits at a lower cost.

House sharing allows you to live in your dream location at a reasonable cost. You may be looking for a certain region only a short distance from the university but are unable to discover something to rent on your own within your budget. As you might expect, rent in particular places is likely to be more than in others due to demand and closeness to universities and transportation links. House shares allow you to live in your dream location at a reasonable cost.

Having roommates may keep you engaged by watching television, going out to eat, cooking, or even viewing movies. Furthermore, by being among other people, you are developing your social abilities. Be prepared for a flurry of trips and hangouts on your schedule. This will give you the best possible experience.

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Because everyone is unique, we provide a variety of accommodations to meet your requirements and interests. We provide free advice to assist you in deciding where and how you wish to live in London while studying.

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