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We are here to help you choose the right university degree to excel in your career.

Why Higher Education?

Every year hundreds of thousands of prospective students choose higher education as a great way to expand their knowledge, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences.

Today’s job market is exceptionally competitive, gaining a degree can significantly increase your chances of achieving your career aspirations. The statistics for the academic year 2018/19 showed that 88% of graduates were in employment and/or further studies (HESA data).

Statistics show that graduates earn significantly more than those without higher education qualifications. Graduates have greater job opportunities and find it easier to get into employment and to stay in employment.

Studying a degree will not only provide opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject but also develop transferable skills such as communication, presentation and problem-solving skills while enhancing the ability to work as part of a team.

We have an extensive range of
University Degrees


For individuals looking to learn all areas of business, from marketing, HR to finance.


For individuals looking to work within health, care or social science.


For individuals with a passion for computer systems and infrastructure.


For individuals looking to become aspiring entrepreneurs or business leaders.


For individuals looking for an
engineering career in different sectors.


For individuals looking to step foot in the pathway of law and beyond.


For individuals with a passion for nutrition and sports pathways.

Why choose School of Professional Studies

Career Counseling

We provide advice and guidance on the courses we offer and work placements that you can undertake while studying.

Finance & Scholarship

We can help you source available financial support and access to scholarship programs.

Admission Guidance

For individuals with a passion for computer systems and infrastructure.

SPS Legal Assistance

For individuals looking to become aspiring entrepreneurs or business leaders.

Why choose our University Courses

Flexible Timetable

Whether you are in full-time work or are maintaining a family, the courses we offer have flexible timetables of 2 days per week making it possible to balance your studies alongside your other commitments.

Government Funding

All the courses we offer have access to government funding, which gives you the extra support you need to complete your education.

Easily Accessible

The courses we offer are based on easily accessible campuses across the country through various modes of transport, whilst offering some online support.

Different Entry Levels

Foundation (4 Year)

Developed in partnership between universities and higher education colleges, foundation courses develop the skills needed for a certain job or profession.

3 Year Degree

With a three-year Bachelor's degree you can accelerate the traditional undergraduate process. With a challenging academic schedule, you reach the workforce earlier and gain the skills and experience you need for your career path.

Top Up

If you already have a foundation degree, Higher National Diploma or equivalent qualification, you may want to consider upgrading to a full undergraduate degree by studying a top-up degree through the School of Professional Studies.


Masters degrees offer advanced academic or professional training, beyond the level of an undergraduate Bachelor's degree. These programmes are usually studied as postgraduate or ‘second-cycle’ qualifications.

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